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Miranda Nahmias & Co. offers 4 done-for-you email marketing packages!

Now, get our most popular email marketing services at a one-time cost with quick implementation and delivery!

Currently, for these packages, we can work with these email service providers:
• ActiveCampaign
• ConvertKit
• MailChimp

Option #1: The Welcome > Nurture > Sales Sequence
I go into detail about the importance of this type of email marketing sequence in my Pinterest marketing guide. This is the perfect "starter" sequence for someone who is just getting interested in email marketing and looking to immediately start converting email subscribers into sales. This package includes an 8-email sequence that serves to welcome new email subscribers and introduce them to you (and deliver your lead magnet), then it nurtures them while educating them about you and your service(s), and finally there is a strong call to action and selling piece. 

Option #2: The Evergreen Newsletter Sequence
This is one of my most popular and most-requested services that I provide to my hourly clients, and now you can get it as a one-off offering! If you're sick of creating never-ending newsletter content and want to instead be able to repurpose and recycle your old amazing newsletters, this is definitely for you! This package includes the tech setup of the evergreen newsletter system, plus we will rework and add in your older content and create up to 5 newsletters in the sequence for you. And don't worry, there's a training video included so that you can continue to add more yourself!

Option #3 + 4: Weekly or Bi-Weekly Newsletters
This is another great option for if you're sick of writing newsletters...simply hand it over to us and we'll create all your newsletter content for you! You can choose between weekly content (1 newsletter per week) or bi-weekly content (1 newsletter every other week). These can be update-y type newsletters based on details you provide us about upcoming events, etc. Or we can write in an educational/nurture style.
Frequently Asked Newsletter Questions
Do you select the topics or do I?
It's totally up to you! When you sign up for the newsletter package, you have your choice of whether you'd prefer for the newsletters to be "updates" on your biz and life, or more content-focused. If you want content-focused newsletters, you can either provide topics (or even send us a rough draft/outline/transcription!) or we will suggest topics. If you'd prefer the newsletters to be more in an update style, you would just need to provide us any information you want included in advance of when that month's newsletters are written (4 weeks in advance is best).

Especially if you want content-focused newsletters, we recommend purchasing the Blog Post Package in conjunction with the newsletter package so that we can share newsletters that are directly related to your blog posts! These two packages work really well together, and create a seamless content experience for your audience.
How do you optimize the newsletters?
Unlike for our blog posts, we don't optimize newsletters for SEO, but we do optimize it in some other ways! We create short, clickable subject lines that aim to boost your open rates. Then, inside the newsletter body, we use short paragraphs, interesting spacing, and plenty of bolding and italics to make sure that the newsletter is easily readable (or skimmable!).
What's the process like?
Once you purchase, you'll receive an automated welcome email that gives you an overview of everything that's included, plus a short checklist of what we need from you to get started. Once we receive those things, we go through our onboarding process, which includes some research and getting everything organized on our end. Then, we start writing the newsletters! 

There will be several layers of approvals and check-ins throughout the first two weeks as we go through this process together. Then, once the first round of newsletters are scheduled and we receive your automated payment for the next month, we get started on those! We do everything in batches, and schedule a month of newsletters out in advance. 
How do I make sure the newsletters are on-brand?
One of the things that you'll do right when we start working together is fill out a questionnaire that asks for some important information that will help us get a sense of your brand, style, and messaging. We use this as the foundation for everything we do when working with you. We also include several checkpoints during the content creation process, so that you have the opportunity to make any changes or request revisions.
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